genealogy of the mcanally family
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Maureine Stuart "Polly" McAnally

Female 1894 -


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McAnally children in river near Cameron, TX

(Left to right) Lelia Evangeline McAnally--reclining on riverbank (age 18); Maureine McAnally, 2nd from left of riverbank back row w/coveralls (age 11); Oscar Peeler (Dan) McAnally, 5th from riverbank--shortest in back row (age 7). Front row, in front of Maureine (also wearing coveralls) Dwight McAnally (age 5); Isaac was 2.5, his head is visible in the water in front of Oscar. Ida Joyce McAnally their mother and wife of Oscar Fides McAnally on the far right.

Owner of originalRaymond Keller III
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Linked toIda Joyce; Dwight H. McAnally; Isaac McAnally; Lelia McAnally; Maureine Stuart "Polly" McAnally; Oscar Peeler "Dan" McAnally

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